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Peasant Pies The Hand-held Meal
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The handheld meal created by French fishermen along the Mediterranean seaside. Small savory pies that are nutritious, delicious, hunger-satisfying, and can be eaten anywhere.

Peasant Pies San Francisco California

Why Peasant Pies?

Since 1993, Peasant Pies has been developing and selling freshly made handheld savory pies from their San Francisco store.

They are a well-established values-conscious company offering a unique healthy comfort food proposition in the fast-food arena, with broad appeal and long-term success across all major demographics.

Today’s consumers are seeking new and better-for-you (BFY) products. Large CPG companies are looking to partner with smaller BFY brands they think will better meets the needs of today’s consumers.

The real winners will be products that succeed in large categories that can evolve and scale quickly.


A brand that consumers will seek out, rely on, follow, and recommend.


Ultimately, everything a person seeks is a means to feel happy and fulfilled. The enjoyment of food, nearly always accompanied by friends and family, offers a very simple yet wonderful path to enjoyment.


Answering the consumer need for delicious, healthy, and convenient “fast comfort food” by way of a brand that will refresh a category and bring discovery and excitement to both RETAIL and FOODSERVICE.

Initial Go-to-Market Strategy

Deployment Options:




- DTC (Direct to Consumer)

Once on the shelf, Peasant Pies’ products steadily increase over time due to strong trials and repeat purchases. Strong sell-through leads to growth and brand awareness, further increasing sales growth.


Peasant Pies has the team, experience, vision, and know-how to scale the product offering quickly and efficiently. Product lines that can execute and be added quickly with little expense.

  • Wide variety of flavor innovations in current categories

  • Increase snack options as consumer demand increases for convenience & portability.

  • Springboard for growth in Foodservice, Convenience Store channel, and DTC (Direct to Consumer)

  • Execute against consumer interest in Health & Wellness and premium handheld offerings.

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